Why Africa Data Network

Because we believe your teams have the capability to do work they are proud of. Work that makes a difference to the people you are serving and would like to serve. That’s why.

Relevant for the times we live in ⚡️

In the last few years the pace of change and degree of uncertainty has increased. The global coronavirus pandemic has poured fuel on the fire. Leaders everywhere are struggling to make sense of new challenges facing their organizations and their teams. Old topics, and more importantly, old ways of learning those topics, are becoming less and less applicable to the times we live in. 

On the other side of the spectrum is a demand for better customer service and greater skills in innovation driven by globalization and falling barriers to market entry. Therefore, creativity and social intelligence are becoming crucial differentiators for many businesses; jobs are increasingly demanding skills in creative problem-solving and constructive interaction with others. This is where we come in.

Become the best you can be 🔆

Africa Data Network is for teams and organizations that want to build the skills and mindset needed to deliver better products, projects, and services. Built from the ground up for immediate application and impact, our programs are based on elaborate learning journeys that bring together learning, resources and community.

Resources and programs combined create a continuous learning environment, with resources providing learners with on the job support and learning paths that compliment the deep collaborative learning experience. Each program is organized around a key learning cluster – either data literacy, innovation skills, and in some cases, both. The community adds a peer-to-peer learning network and keeps learners engaged.

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