Presenting data visually & data storytelling

You know right away when you see an effective chart, graphic or visualization. It hits you with an immediate sense of its meaning and impact. But what actually makes it clearer, sharper, and more effective? For a long time, “data-viz” was left to specialists, but now a new generation of tools and massive amounts of available data make it easy for anyone to create visualizations that communicate ideas more effectively than generic spreadsheets ever could. In this workshop, your teams learn to create effective visualizations that will speed up time to insight from data.

Teams that work with data every day, decision makers who want to communicate ideas and insights powerfully, and content creators looking to expand their communication design skillset will benefit from this workshop. Created from years of analytics consulting projects, visualization research and best practices, and real-world application.

  • Learn the visual language that goes into creating impactful data visualizations
  • Move from analysis and basic charts to presenting meaningful data narratives that drive action
  • Create persuasive data driven presentations

What You'll Learn

Key learning points
  • Understanding data and bringing out the right relationships within it – choosing the right visualizations
  • Applying visual perception principles to data – control color and other aesthetics and craft for clarity
  • Increasing message clarity and impact – balancing data with visual design best practices
  • Integrating storytelling into data visuals – creating absorbing data stories that deliver actionable insight
Practice exercises
  • Identifying and critiquing various visualization types
  • Recreating a set of visualizations and applying learnt principles through mini-challenges
  • Putting together your first data story

Participants don’t need specific prerequisite skills in order to benefit from the workshop. As there is no focus on any specific tool, data centric teams learn to think like great communicators when selecting visualization’s rather than thinking about the tools themselves. 

Meet Your Instructor

Dennis Maorwe

Up until 2018, Dennis worked for Oracle and consulted all over the world in various technology related projects. Now, through Africa Data Network, Dennis helps organizations make the transition to data-driven decision-making by improving the capabilities and effectiveness of their teams. He holds degrees in Telecommunications, among other qualifications.


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