Integrating ethical decision making
into data & innovation practices

You can’t read the news today without coming across something about data privacy rights, companies misuse of personal data, lack of trust in products, and major data breaches on a daily basis. In the past, the scope for digital risk was limited to cybersecurity threats but organizations must now also recognize risks from poor ethical data practices. 

This workshop is designed for organizations that collect, analyze and store personal data. These organizations need to recognize and address ethical issues regarding the use of this data – early in the research, analysis or design of their projects.

  • Develop a culture of consistent and responsible data use
  • Learn to systematically reason through ethical problems in data
  • Structure, resolve and present reasoned ethical ideas to stakeholders
  • Initiate, evaluate and resolve outstanding ethical issues in data and innovation projects

What you'll learn

Key learning points
  • Connecting big data and algorithms to humans and human values
  • Identifying potential ethical issues associated with a data project or activity
  • Applying ethical inquiry to ethical issues whenever they arise to ensure speedy resolution
  • Facilitating ethical discussions amongst a group or team of stakeholders using visual thinking and decision aids
  • Privacy technologies from a data ethics and data governance standpoint
Practice exercises
  • What action should you take in case of a data breach?
  • When should you use or not use data for particular project or purpose?
  • How should you interpret data regulation laws?
  • Evaluate real world case studies to support understanding and application

Meet Your Instructor

Dennis Maorwe

Up until 2018, Dennis worked for Oracle and consulted all over the world in various technology related projects. Now, through Africa Data Network, Dennis helps organizations make the transition to data-driven decision-making by improving the capabilities and effectiveness of their teams. He holds degrees in Telecommunications, among other qualifications.


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Inspiring reads

Data ethics is the new competitive advantage. ~ Techcrunch

Do you care about privacy as much as your customers do? ~ Harvard Business Review

Privacy is becoming a reason for consumers to purchase a product. ~ Gartner

Poor adherence to data ethics standards is a big challenge to data workers today. ~ Dataremixed

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