Analytics for executives

Being data literate is essential for executives and managers if they are to enact a data strategy that will support their organizations grand vision. Leaders must therefore improve their understanding of how data can be used in their organization. Data literate leaders recognize opportunities to derive value from data and are adept at avoiding the hype of the latest industry buzzwords. They can define and effectively communicate the business value data can bring from the onset, and not as an afterthought.

This program is designed to develop your leaders into data champions. Leaders will be able to:

  • Clarify priorities and speed up transformation by making the right resource allocation decisions in talent development, platforms and experiments to learn from
  • Develop data value stories that keep the organization and teams aligned to the vision

Intended audience:
C-level managers, analytics champions, analytics project managers, and strategy teams. 

This program is a single workshop or a series of executive briefing sessions. An executive briefing session would require an hour long consultation and planning, and thereafter, an executive presentation would be designed and positioned to address your specific needs.

What You'll Learn

Sample topics include (but are not limited to)
  • Build an understanding of data analytics and it’s impact on corporate strategy
  • Review case studies on analytical applications to your specific industry or adjacent industries
  • Develop a basic understanding of workflow and processes involved in analytics projects, roles and responsibilities needed for a successful analytical project
  • What’s possible with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (industry specific)
Discussions & idea sharing

How should you look at Return on Investment when it comes to analytics initiatives?

Meet Your Instructor

Dennis Maorwe

Up until 2018, Dennis worked for Oracle and consulted all over the world in various technology related projects. Now, through Africa Data Network, Dennis helps organizations make the transition to data-driven decision-making by improving the capabilities and effectiveness of their teams. He holds degrees in Telecommunications, among other qualifications.


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Inspiring reads

Even when analytics is top of mind for business leaders, many don’t communicate a clear vision to their organization. ~ McKinsey

Digital business transformation requires a new breed of “data executives.” ~ Gartner

Few leaders know where and how analytics can create value. ~ McKinsey

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