Business design programs

Our programs help organizations stay relevant in times of unprecedented change.

Thomas Edison said genius is 1% and perspiration is 99%.
The same applies to the development of new digital products. The challenge in developing new innovative products is making the most of the 99%. The light turning on is just the beginning. Organization’s looking to emerge winners must break beyond the boundaries of the bulb. They must be able to see things in new and fresh ways. The good thing is that these skills can be learnt and honed. Our programs are designed to help you achieve just that. Choose the option that best fits your goals.


Kickstart program

In a matter of days, the Kickstart program helps you develop specific innovation capabilities and skills in your team(s).


Accelerate program

In 12 weeks, the Accelerate program acts as a guide for your team(s) as they work on their innovation projects (or ideas).